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 New Pet Policy and New Dog Registration Form

 In July 2021 the Board adopted the following new documents related to pets:

            Pet Policy
            Dog Registration Form (Dogs must be registered within 7 days of arrival at
               Riverbend; renewal required by September 1 of each year.)

Kayak/Canoe Storage Racks Now Available!

Three storage racks are now available on the access drive to the Overflow Lot on the north side of the complex. Owners may store up to 2 kayaks free of charge. Before submitting the request form below, please contact Lincoln Condo Management at lcmg.office@gmail.com to confirm availability.

           Kayak/Canoe Rack Storage Space Request

Modification of Common and Limited Common Areas

In September 2020 the Board adopted the following:

Common and Limited Common Area Modification Policy

Request for Permission to Modify Common or Limited Common Area

AC/Heat Pumps

In July 2018 the Board adopted the following Requirements and Guidelines and related documents for the installation of AC/heat pumps (mini splits):

Requirements and Guidelines for Installation of AC/Heat Pumps

Request for Permission to Install AC/Heat Pump–Instructions and Application Form

Agreement for Installation of AC/Heat Pump System

Pest Management Policy

Please view the following document to determine the responsibilities of the association vs. owner in the management of pests such as mice, termites and ants.

Pest Control Policy

Through-the-Wall Air Conditioners

These air conditioners must be installed following the guidelines below and may only be installed in the back of a unit.

Air Conditioner Installation Regulations

Request Permission to Install an Air Conditioner


Alternate Heat & Fireplaces

Effective with the adoption of the AC/Heat Pump Requirements and Guidelines in July 2018, the Association no longer accepts applications for new installations of individual fossil fuel alternative heating systems.

Board approval is required for Pellet Stove Installation.

The Village at Riverbend Pellet Stove Installation Requirements

The original fireplaces were installed by Martin.

Martin Fireplace Manual


Request Permission to Install the Awning


Portable Grill Use for Owners/Tenants

Fire Marshall Informational Bulletin- Portable Grill Use at Multi-Unit Dwellings and One- and Two-Family Dwellings


The Buildings were renumbered when the State of New Hampshire adopted the 911 regulations. The unit numbers remained the same however each building number has been changed. The accurate building number is on the front of each building.

Here is a list of building numbers with units numbers.

Old Building NumberNew Building NumberUnit Numbers


The Village at Riverbend Budget is available to owners upon request. Please email a request to Nancy Ehlers

Flood Certificate


The Village at Riverbend Condominium Association has a Master Insurance Policy in place covering the property per the Declaration. To obtain a certificate of coverage for your Mortgagee Company email a request to Nancy Ehlers. You will be supplied with the Insurance Carrier and Agent contact information.

Individual unit owners should carry their own HO6 Policy to cover their unit and personal belongs. The Association is not responsible and does not carry Insurance coverage for individual units or owners.

View 2021 Infinger Insurance Letter to Owners

In the event of a loss to a unit that is covered under the Master Policy; the unit owner(s) is responsible for the Deductible amount of the Master Policy.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Ehlers or your personal Insurance Agent to be sure you have the needed coverages to protect your interest.

Meeting Minutes

The Village at Riverbend is a registered New Hampshire Condominium Association that is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board meets QUARTERLY and holds an Annual meeting each September.

Meeting Minutes are sent to owners after a meeting once they have been approved. If you need additional or replacement minutes they will be supplied to owners upon request. Please email a request to our Property Manager Nancy Ehlers.

Renting Your Condo

The Village at Riverbend Condominium Association only allows rentals of 6 months or more; shorter-term rentals are not permitted. The management company does not operate a rental program on behalf of the Association. Individual owners lease to tenants on their own but are required to submit a tenant information form with contact details. Tenants must follow all Association Rules and Regulations. For more information, email property manager Nancy Ehlers.

Water System

The Village at Riverbend owns and maintains its drinking water system. Per NH regulations the system is tested and maintained as required. Annually a consumer confidence report is generated and filed with the New Hampshire DES.

        2021 Consumer Confidence Report for Drinking Water

2018 Consumer Confidence Report for Drinking Water

2016 Consumer Confidence Report for Drinking Water