Rules and Regulations

Village at Riverbend Residency Rules and Regulations

Village at Riverbend Rules and Regulations below are also available as a PDF document. For additional policies applicable to owners and renters, see the Owners Library.

For your enjoyment and safety, the following regulations have been adopted to govern the overall conduct of those using the complex. Please familiarize all family members, guests and renters with these regulations.

Thank you


  1. Please be respectful of your neighbors, in all that you do.
  2. Quiet hours are from 10:00 P.M. to 7:30 A.M
  3. Profanity or any poor conduct will not be tolerated anywhere on the property.
  4. Use of the Common Area and Limited Common Area is for all to enjoy. Picnic tables are for your use as are the Pickleball and Tennis courts, and the community Corn Hole game. Be respectful of noise levels and do not leave any litter behind.
  5. Hitting golf balls is not allowed anywhere on VRB property as this could pose a danger to people, vehicles, or property nearby. If golf balls are hit into the woods or over the banks this is littering and subject to law enforcement.
  6. No open containers of alcoholic beverages are allowed in the pool area, hot tub, beach, tennis courts, parking areas or paved walkways.
  7. Those residents using balconies for towel drying should do so only for short periods of time. Clothing lines are not permitted.
  8. The condominium units are on a private septic system, not a municipal sewer system.
    1. Please use garbage disposals sparingly.
    2. Disposal of sanitary napkins and disposable diapers down the toilets is prohibited.
    3. Misuse results in damage to the septic systems requiring expensive replacement.
    4. DO NOT FLUSH :
      Wipes of ANY kind including “Flushable” wipes
      Tampons and pads
      Paper towels , napkins , tissue
      Cotton swabs , cotton balls and pads
      Dental floss
      Disposable diapers
      Kitty litter
      1 ply toilet paper is recommended
  9. Recreational use of snowmobiles and ATV’s are not allowed within 500 feet of any building. The operations of snowmobiles and/or ATV’s to and from the parking areas is allowed, but only at slow speeds.
  10. Owners are responsible for their guests and tenants at all times.


All parking lots have one assigned numbered parking space for each unit in the building. In addition, there are unnumbered spots for visitors and guests.  

  1. Certain buildings may have more limited parking accommodations than others due to occupancy levels of the building or proximity of parking spots to the units.


  1. No more than two cars per unit are allowed in any parking lot at any given time. We ask garage owners to please use the garage as one of their parking spots.
  2. Extra cars should be parked in areas away from the building as a matter of courtesy. B. Cars should be parked between the painted lines and off the grass.
  3. All parking lots are for passenger vehicles and motorcycles ONLY.
    1. No RVs, trailers, boats, canoes, ATVs, etc. Parking for these vehicles is allowed only in the overflow parking lot at the north entrance to the development. All items in the overflow parking lot must be tagged with a waterproof tag to include unit and phone number.
    2. If you will be leaving your vehicle longer than 48 hours you must notify the management company and tag the vehicle.
  4. Respect your fellow owner’s parking spot. Do not park in another unit’s assigned space unless you have an arrangement with that owner.
  5. When using the pool or spa do not park in the lots for buildings 16 or 9.
  6. The walkways are marked; do not block the walkways or the trash
  7. Please move your vehicle as needed during winter plowing operations to help maintain clear parking areas in order to avoid ice buildup around your vehicle and your neighbor’s. H. Do not drive or park on lawn areas.
  8. All unit owners and tenants are responsible for making sure that their guests do not violate these rules. Please respect these parking regulations. If you notice someone violating these regulations, you may notify the management company and a notice will be delivered. Include the vehicle’s make and license plate number/state.
  9. The penalties for repeat violations are as follows:
    1. 1st Violation – Parking Notice
    2. 2nd Violation – Warning from the Association
    3. 3rd Violation – $50.00 FINE
    4. 4th Violation – Towed at Owner’s Expense


The Board of Directors adopted a PET POLICY July 2021. This policy is listed in the Owners Library. This policy defines Pets, Owners responsibilities,  all rules and regulations, and enforcement.  


  1. The pool is reserved for the exclusive use of residents and their guests.
  2. Pool area is open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. only, seven days a week.
    1. The pool season will be from Memorial Day through the weekend following Labor Day. The Hot Tub will be open through Columbus Day Weekend.
    2.  Guests must be accompanied by residents at all times.
    3. Children under the age of 10 are allowed in the pool area only with adult supervision.
    4. Infants must be wearing swim diapers at all times.
    5. Children under the age of 14 are allowed in the Hot Tub building only when their parents or guardians are present in the building.
  3. No smoking allowed in pool area.
  4. No open containers of alcoholic beverages are permitted in the pool area.
  5. Glass containers or glass bottles are not permitted within the fenced in pool area.
  6. Please note the spa rules posted in the building regarding Jacuzzi use.
  7. Floats and tubes are not allowed in the pool area but can be used at the river.
  8. Pets of any nature are never allowed in the pool or in the pool area.
  9. Access to entry gates must be open at all times. Do not block with games, strollers, etc.
  10. Respect and courtesy should govern behavior while in the pool area.


  1. Tennis and Pickleball courts are open to residents and their guests only. Courts are to be used for tennis and pickleball only. All other activities are not allowed.
    1. Guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times.
  2. Only proper tennis court footwear is allowed on the courts.
    1. The cost of damage caused by black-soled sneakers, or any other means, will be assessed to the units that individuals represent as determined by the Directors.
    2. Playing barefoot is not allowed.
  3. No one shall walk through the  court area at any time, other than when playing tennis or pickle ball.
  4. Gates on each side shall be kept closed.
  5. Pets are never allowed in the fenced-in  court area.
  6. During periods of continuous activity, play is limited to one hour, on an honor system.
  7. Use of the tennis and pickleball courts shall be with proper game etiquette.


  1. Motion Activated Surveillance Cameras monitor both dumpster entrances. These cameras are managed by our Property Management.
  2. All trash must be properly secured in trash bags and deposited in dumpsters. Do not place loose trash in dumpsters. Pet waste MUST be bagged. Except for broken down cardboard boxes, everything placed in the dumpsters must  be bagged.
  3. Responsibility for the disposal of large items, including but not limited to, construction debris, computers, TV’s, electronics, furniture, mattresses, tires, car batteries, and appliances of any size are solely the responsibility of the unit’s occupant and must be taken to the Ashland Transfer Station & Recycling Center.*
  4. Our waste removal is based on weight, so misuse of  dumpsters costs the association extra money. If item(s) not disposed of properly are reported to the Management Company,  camera photos will be reviewed. If camera review reveals dumpster misuse, the Management Company will send photo(s) to the Board of Directors for identity verification. Routine photos are deleted daily.
  5. If identification of dumpster misuse is confirmed, the unit owner will be fined.                                                         First Violation $250                                                                                                                Second and subsequent violations $500.

*Ashland Transfer Station & Recycling Center – Link                                                                    96  Collins Street, Ashland, NH 03217 603-968-9032


  1. General guidelines for all units:
    1. Turn off water main coming into unit and open all faucets. Main water shutoffs are located in the front entry closet in one and two bedroom units and under the stairs in the 3 story townhouse units.
    2. Leave kitchen heat at 50 degrees and leave cabinet doors open under sink.
    3. Close bathroom doors and set heat at 50 degrees leave cabinet doors open under sink.
    4. Leave heat set at a minimum of 45 degrees in all other areas.
  2. PLEASE NOTE: just because a room does not have plumbing fixtures, it does not mean that pipes are not in the ceilings or walls of that room.
  3. It is not unusual to see temperature readings of –20 degrees and on rare occasions we have seen –40 degrees. The pipes in your unit travel from one place to another in wall and ceiling cavities – spaces that are heated only indirectly by the low-level heat settings of 40-50

degrees when the unit is vacant. These same wall and ceiling cavities are fighting cold penetration from the exterior. If a unit is heated to 45 degrees, we have 13 degrees fighting on the above freezing side. If it is –20 degrees outside, we have –57 degrees fighting from the below freezing side. It should be obvious why frozen pipes can occur.

  1. Unit owners are responsible for any damage done to their unit and / or abutting units.


  1. DOORMATS must be removed in winter months:
    1. Ice buildup on outside doorsteps is a continuous problem. Sand and salt are used to try to mitigate this problem. Due to this ice buildup in wintertime, doormats become frozen and glazed over with ice.
  2. Plowing is done on regular intervals. Due to the limited parking areas it is imperative all vehicles are moved as often as needed during winter plowing operations.
    1. If you will be away it is your responsibility to make arrangements to have your vehicles moved.
    2. The temporary overflow parking lot at the north entrance to the development is available. Again, remember this is not long term storage. If you will be leaving your vehicle longer than 48 hours you must notify the management company.

RULES and PENALTIES for violations of this Regulation are the same as for Parking Violations.


  1. All firewood is to be stored in woodbins or inside your garage.
    1. No firewood may be stored on patios or decks.
  2. The owners are individually responsible for making arrangements to purchase firewood for themselves and their guests or renters.
  3. Woodbins are divided and identified by number to facilitate proper usage.
  4. These wood bins are for fire place wood storage only.
    1. Personal belongings are not to be stored in the wood bins – Keep our Association neat and attractive.


  1. Leave smoke detectors hooked up at all times.
  2. Purchase a fire extinguisher suitable for all-purpose use and make certain that all users of the unit know where it is and how to use it.
  3. Recommended type is 5 or 10 lb. ABC type extinguisher available at any department or hardware store.
  4. No open fires are permitted anywhere on the property including contained chimneys or any other type of burning apparatus.


  1. Please advise each user on the fireplace use. Never use any type of flammable liquid to start fires in fireplaces.
  2. Standard fireplaces are not designed as a primary heat source.
  3. A good routine is to empty your wood ashes upon arrival at your condo, as opposed to just before your departure. Ashes from a fire on Saturday night may still be hot on Sunday afternoon.
  4. Dispose of all fireplace ashes whether hot or cold in the appropriately marked metal cans outside adjacent to the trash sheds.
    2. A metal bucket should be used to bring ashes to the outside receptacle.
    3. No paper products should be discarded in these ash cans.
    4. Do not leave burnt logs outside your door or near your unit. They may also be put in the wood ash cans.


  1. No gas grills or other propane devices are allowed on second floor decks or used within 10 feet of the building. See attached Fire Regulation from the office of the State Fire Marshall. 


  1. Unit owners renting their unit are fully responsible for the actions of their tenants.
    1. Owner acknowledges full responsibility for any and all damages (including any insurance deductible) that may result from damage done or caused by said tenant.
    2. The owner acknowledges that they are liable for the payment of all assessments or fines levied by the Association.
    3. The minimum rental period is one hundred and eighty (180) consecutive days.
    4. Owner agrees to fully comply with all rental application rules and regulations.
    5. Any owner who rents their unit without complying with and following the application process will be subject to a $1,000.00 fine and eviction of their tenant.
  2. The tenant must agree to comply with all Association Rules and Regulations as well as those listed on the lease application and owners rental agreement if a separate document is used.
  3. All renters must sign an Acknowledgment of Receipt to testify that they have received a copy of and will abide by the Rules & regulations of the condominium association.
  4. Rental units must have fully operational Smoke Alarms and CO Detectors in accordance with NH RSA 153:10a.
  5. Unit owners may rent their units exclusively for residential purposes and any rental shall be pursuant to a written lease.
  6. Dogs are never allowed in a rental unit at any time.

These rules and regulations are in place to allow everyone to enjoy the property to its fullest. Please make an effort to practice courtesy and consideration for all.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Village at Riverbend Board of Directors

5/5/23 review and edit (cas)